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Basic Dementia (Professional) is a Course

Basic Dementia (Professional)

Started Jul 19, 2018

$300 Enroll

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Course Details

Duration: 5 Weeks

Commitment: 1 hour per week (suggested)

Course Type: Self paced

Requirement: None


Dementia does not just affect those who suffer from it, but also, everyone around them. This includes families and the communities they live in and interact with. 

This course is designed by The Salvation Army Peacehaven for health professionals / carers / families and friends who are looking after people living with dementia. The course will provide participants with the basic knowledge of dementia to better understand persons living with dementia and ways in which they can be supported.

Syllabus : 

Module 1 : Anatomy & Physiology

Module 2 : What is Dementia?

Module 3 : What is Person Centred Care?

Module 4 : Communications

Module 5 : Managing Activities of Daily Living


At the end of the course, you will be able to :

  • Understand the physiology that takes place in the brain in persons with dementia, and the potential difficulties they may encounter
  • Recognize the signs and symptoms of dementia
  • Demonstrate an understanding of Person-Centred Care
  • Communicate with persons living with dementia
  • Identify ways to assist and support persons living with dementia