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Dementia Awareness is a Course

Dementia Awareness

Time limit: 14 days


Full course description

Course Details

Duration: 3 Weeks

Commitment: 1 hour per week (suggested)

Course Type: Self paced

Requirement: None


This course is designed by Agency for Integrated Care for carers of people with dementia and health professionals working with people with dementia or anyone who is interested in this topic.

  • The first week of the course provides an overview of Dementia, looking at the risk factors and the signs, and symptoms. 2 videos 1 quiz and 1 discussion are used to get you to better understand what dementia is.
  • The second week of the course looks at the engagement and communication with people with dementia. The principals of effective communication and the concept of K.I.N.D. gestures are introduced.
  • In the last week, the course focuses on the ways to keep the mind and body active. 1 video presents the activities to help people with dementia.


This free course will help you understand the difficulties of persons with dementia, how to communicate and support them in their daily lives. By the end of the course, you will be able to:
  • Recognise the signs and symptoms of dementia in persons and understanding the potential difficulties they may encounter
  • Demonstrate an understanding of Person-Centred Care
  • Communicate with Persons with Dementia using K.I.N.D. gestures and C.A.R.E. approaches
  • Identify ways to assist Persons With Dementia

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